commission me.

i can help you create logos, blog headers/banners, blog buttons, email signatures, posters, postcards, invitations or anything you fancy with "the-notebook-doodles-touch" in it. below are some examples:

this was for lovell management, an event management company based in australia. and i created an email signature with one of my doodled quote on it. a great idea for anyone who wants to get other people inspired with their emails, or just to add something extra to the usual boring emails.

this was created for looby's bakery, she is based in the uk and bakes pretty cupcakes! i created a logo which was also used as a blog banner and i helped to create the look of the blog too.

this was created for una bella vita, a blog for pretty things and interesting people. i created the doodles but the main image was provided by the owner of the blog.

this was created for enlighten education, an organization that helps with teen girls. i helped to create a series of posters with encouraging words, some were of my own and others were from the company itself.

if you are interested, let's get in touch! email me at :)